Plant Based Meal Plans

Looking for guidance and inspiration preparing healthy plant-based meals while also focusing on your specific needs? 

Look no further! 

These meal plans can help you plan out your week with delicious and nutritious plant-based meals with your individual needs in mind.

Plant Based Low Fat Oil-Free 7 Day Meal Plan

A low fat meal plan with no added oils, meat, eggs, or dairy. Our Plant-Based Low Fat Oil-Free Program is a vegan nutrition plan with daily fat under 20% of total calories. Recipes are high in fiber and contain no soy products.

Plant Based Menopause Support 7 Day Meal Plan

Plant-based nutrition to maintain a healthy weight, protect bones and reduce hot flashes during menopause. A program designed for plant-based eaters experiencing menopause. The meal plan includes plant-based sources of calcium, magnesium, and protein, with phytoestrogens to reduce hot flashes.