A Program That Provides Individualized Support For Sustainable Change

You’re ready to adopt a plant based diet, but you struggle to put meals together and you’re always hungry. 

Maybe you’ve recently had to go through a surgery or new diagnosis which has motivated you to make a change to your diet and lifestyle in order to improve your health.

We all have our “WHY” for wanting to adopt a plant based diet. Exploring what your personal why is will help you stay connected to your end goal and make your plant based journey more sustainable.

One person’s path can look completely different than someone else’s. 

I meet you where you’re at and provide the support to help you better achieve your own unique health goals.


The RNR Plant Based Solution

Empowering you to overcome barriers and feel confident in adopting a plant-based eating lifestyle that will not only nourish you but make you FEEL good!

In this tailored 1:1 coaching program, we will cover your individual health needs and goals on a pace that works for you.

What will this program do for you?

  • Give you the tools you need to transition to a plant based diet successfully
  • Provide you with 8 weeks of customized meal plans along with recipes and grocery lists. These are developed specifically for you and takes into account any cultural foods or personal preferences
  • We’ll cover mindful & intuitive eating concepts
  • Help ensure you’re meeting your protein and micro-nutrient needs (vitamins & minerals) including supplements.
  • Cover mind-body wellness: movement, sleep, self-care, meditation/prayer, spending time outdoors, stress management.
  • Provide tips on meal planning & eating out on a plant-based diet
  • Address any gut related issues
  • Access to a private client portal for session scheduling, messaging, notes, handouts and more

Ready to take charge of your health and learn more?

RNR Plant Based Solution. 3 spheres: Repair, Nourish, Reconnect. Veg Out With Maria




Find Your Power With Plant Based Eating

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If you are excited to invest in yourself, ready to work through barriers to make healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and would like the support of a registered dietitian to ensure you are successful, then this program is for you!

We will work closely together in 6 one on one sessions over a 3 month period. You would also have access to a private client portal for session scheduling, notes, handouts, meal plans and more.

We usually meet every other week for up to one hour sessions in addition to unlimited messaging support.

At this time, I do not take insurance. However, I can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement.

All sessions are conducted virtually using Zoom.

What Are You Waiting For?